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Mr. Aqua 730M 3gal Aquarium Log September 7, 2013 No Comments

I spent this past labor day re-aquascaping my shrimp tank at work. I picked up a new Mr. Aqua 3 gallon long tank along with some Baby Tears and Dwarf Hair Grass from Anthony at Lotus Aquarium. I also grabbed some extra Money Wort from my tank at home for the backdrop. What do you think? [...]

Arduino and Django Data Logger August 17, 2013 No Comments

In an effort to demonstrate a new django-quick-start package I’m making at work (similar in purpose to pinax, but with some SpaceX-specific packages), I decided to create an Arduino data logger that is viewable through Django. The data from a couple different sensors is first collected with an Arduino. A Python daemon polls the Arduino [...]

Fluval Edge 6gal Aquarium Log January 3, 2013 No Comments

Check out my new aquarium! The tank is a six gallon Fluval Edge. I currently have it stocked with one male red gold tuxedo guppy, two female guppies, and one red cherry shrimp (four were eaten as soon as I put them in the tank.) I also have a couple live plants including Java Fern, [...]