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Wireless Control of Multiple GoPro Cameras September 12, 2013 1 Comment

I recently created a little Django app that controls can control multiple GoPros simultaneously. It makes use of the GoProController Python class which does the leg work of actually taking to the camera over a wifi adapter on Linux. Links GoProApp GoProController

Django Quick-Start Templates September 7, 2013 No Comments

In the last two years at SpaceX, I have worked on a number of quick turn around web applications. Every time I start a new app, it takes me at least a day or two just to get the essentials in place, even with a framework like Django. In order to aid myself and others [...]

Arduino and Django Data Logger August 17, 2013 No Comments

In an effort to demonstrate a new django-quick-start package I’m making at work (similar in purpose to pinax, but with some SpaceX-specific packages), I decided to create an Arduino data logger that is viewable through Django. The data from a couple different sensors is first collected with an Arduino. A Python daemon polls the Arduino [...]

Website Portfolio April 5, 2012 No Comments

Dug up some thumbnails of all of the websites I did in high school and in college. Thought I put them up here at least to aid my own memory.

Last Day at Illumin December 10, 2011 No Comments

Today is my last day at Illumin – the online magazine of the Viterbi School of Engineering. I held the position of webmaster for four years, and I like to think that I had a positive effect on the magazine. My biggest achievements during my time at Illumin was rewritting the entire content management system from scratch [...]

New Host for JAV Concepts January 8, 2010 No Comments

There comes a time in each man’s life where he must grow up, and become a man. Often times, in modern society, this means moving out of his parent’s house and finding a place of his own. While I haven’t found a place of my own yet, it has come time for me to move [...]

Presenting BenBeitzel.com July 4, 2008 No Comments

Introducing BenBeitzel.com, the latest creation from JAVConcepts. BenBeitzel.com is the “officially rad website for Benjamin R. Beitzel,” a musician, actor, DJ, and a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. One of my favorite parts about this new website is the videos page. Ben has produced a number of short videos with himself, and with [...]

New Job at Illumin Magazine April 22, 2008 No Comments

Hello everyone! I have just secured a new job for myself for the next school year. The job is with Illumin Magazine, an online magazine put out by the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California. The goal of Illumin is to illustrate the many ways engineering benefits and impacts our daily [...]

Welcome to JAV Concepts.com September 9, 2007 No Comments

Hi, and welcome to JAV Concepts.com! This is the homepage of Josh Villbrandt. This website is continuously growing with whatever I feel like adding to it, so check back often! If you want to know about me and this website, check out the About page. Feel free to look around, and let me know what [...]