Life Accomplishments December 18, 2013

In no particular order, this is the short list of the accomplishments in life that I am most proud of. This is the most concise way to learn what I’m all about.

Accomplishment Summary Links
CSCI 445 robot Enabled a small robot to have robust localization with a particle filter and basic object recognition from image blob segmentation. blog post, code
USC Illumin website redesign Rewrote a large online magazine from scratch. Biggest success was not the front-end viewing portal, but the rich content editor on the back-end. The entire article submit process and editorial workflow was moved from email, Excel, and Word files to an integration online platform. website
USC AeroDesign Team MDO (PlaneTools) A collection of tools to optimize remote control airplane designs in MATLAB. blog post, website
Mecanumbot robot hardware A custom mobile robot build from scratch. Body is made from CNC’d garolite and acrylic pieces held together by aluminum extruded rods. Features a holonomic locomotion, a quad-core computer, a 2D laser scanner, and a 3D RGBD camera. blog post, cad files
Mecanumbot robot software The code library that runs the Mecanumbot robot. Built on the Robotic Operating System (ROS.) blog posts, code
Mecanumbot power board A custom PCB to control and regulate the power for the Mecanumbot robot. One of only two PCBs that I’ve designed. blog post, schematics
Crew Dragon abort test avionics Lead a team to design and build the avionics system for the SpaceX Crew Dragon abort test vehicle. ITAR…
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